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In the Seminary in Bologna

Papa Giovanni Paolo II in seminarioFrom 1986 to 1991 Daniele studies in the seminary in Bologna. His deputy rector remembers him this way: “The years in the seminary were for Daniele a period of purification that helped him understand better and better who and what to spend his life for. They were years when, by reducing his outer activities, he was able to take care of his inner growth. Physically detaching himself from the places and people he loved, Daniele was able to reinforce the relationship with them through prayer. Everyday he firmly accepted and offered the difficulties of studying. The strict schedule that ruled community life taught him to be helpful and meek..

Daniele goes to Peru for two months in the summer of 1987 on the occasion of Father Giorgio’s ordination. They are still close friends: he considers him a brother, accepting advice and correction from him. On his return he begins living his life in the seminary, away from Peru, with absolute obedience: from then on he starts understanding everyone, avoiding judgement on the different ways of putting the Gospel into practice, even if he goes on believing that progress is a danger for a genuine Christian life. During the summers, when he is on holiday away from the seminary, Daniele often goes to Val Formazza in Piedmont: here the young people of the MGO have built two shelters in the mountains. Daniele loves walking in silence in the natural landscape and he helps run the various work camps organized for the young by don Ambrogio, who is in charge of the activities.

On 30th December 1990 he becomes a deacon and on 22nd June 1991 he is ordained priest in Faenza by the bishop, Mons. Francesco Tarcisio Bertozzi..